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The Story of
Danica Gim

When Poetry Becomes Art

I'm so grateful that you are visiting!

How uninteresting to not know anything about the person who's business you're supporting- so let me share a small part of my story with you. 

My name is Danique and I became Danica Gim after starting my Instagram account @danica.gim where I shared my poetry. I combined my poems with the art of other artists to add extra emotion to my words. Many other online poets had the same idea and I got tired of how similar my account looked to that of others.

So I decided to create my own art, to make my work completely my own and even more personal. The positive response has been overwhelming and I'm so excited that I can now bring my illustrations to you through my online shop. 

My style is heavily inspired by European influences, the continent I grew up in. I have a love for mythology, all that is dreamy, the moon and making people feel like they found a little bit of magic. 

I hope my prints inspire you, make you wonder about the stars and feel a little less alone in this big world.