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When art and poetry meet

Danique'e public artistic journey started in 2017 when she started sharing her poetry as Danica Gim. In less than a year the account gained tens of thousands of followers worldwide, making Danica Gim her better known name and her poetry famous all over the internet. Her work has been praised for her relatable lines as she writes about love, heartbreak and the struggle of starting over. Her poetry debut ‘Morningstar Musings’ was published a year after she started sharing her work online. In 2019 she started combining her words with her own artwork, launching her online popularity to new heights. Her combination of woman-centered illustrations combined with poetry or affirmations started a new wave of illustration style across the internet, and inspiring many other artists to pursue a similar style of work. Working closely with New York publisher ThoughtCatalog, she has published multiple journals and books with her work. Her illustrations have been used by notable brands and names such as Sezane, Penguin Books and Christina Perri. Her work has been bought/reposted by Britney Spears, Danica Patrick, Doutzen Kroes, Dove Cameron,  and many others.

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