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Orginial Paintings

Info for all paintings below.
Acrylic Painting on Carton Canvas. 
Square size: 50x50 cm / 20x20in.

Signed. Unframed.

Worldwide insured shipping with track and trace included in price. 

Includes a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity and a personally addressed letter written by me on the subject of the painting. 

About my process: Each subject comes from a deeply personal and internal expression. I like to combine soft earth and strong primary colors. They remind me of of my childhood. I do not follow any rules when I create. I do not pay attention to techniques other than what feels good to me in the moment. I like to apply the paint thick in texture in one spot and use light strokes in the next. I want the unrealistic and some geometrical shapes of my paintings to feel unconstructed and almost unfinished in detail. Like watching a dream you can’t quite get into focus. 

Behind the scenes

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