Asking for your help! 😭🧡 Before being a cat owner I could have never imagined how much you can love your pet. How they have their own personalities, how they are your constant companion, how they become part of your family. My husband and I adopted Akira when we moved to the Netherlands, so she is only 4 years old and she means the world to us and the three of us truly are our own little family. Last week she got very sick and the vet hasn’t been able to figure out yet what is wrong with her. Today we had to leave her behind at the clinic to run more tests and my heart is breaking. Her medical bills are so expensive but I want to to everything to ensure she gets better. I put this print in my shop and all the profits (and those of all other prints for that matter) will go to making sure she gets the best care and hopefully getting her back home happy and healthy. If you can help that way it would be so appreciated! But even the encouragement it will be all ok is very welcome right now 🧡

Akira - Print

€ 18,00Price
  • Size Small: 15cm x 15cm /  6 in x 6 in

    Size Medium: 30 cm x 30 cm / 12 in x 12 in

    Size Large: Size Large: 50 cm x 50 cm / 20 in x 20 in

    Printed on high quality, textured fine art paper. Hand drawn design. Frame not included.