‘Dandelion Girl Pt. 2’ Print

‘Dandelion Girl Pt. 2’ Print

€ 15,00Price

The dandelion stands for healing from emotional pain and represents spiritual intelligence. Just like her sister-print, this Dandelion Girl reminds you that you can survive all challenges and difficulties in your life. But her free and celebratory expression shows she already survived the worst of it all. 


    Size Small: 114 mm x 171 mm / 4.5 in x 6.73 in.

    Size Medium: 144 mm x 216 mm /  5.7 in x 8.5 in

    Size Large: 200 mm x 300 mm / 7.9 in x 11.8 in

    Size XL: Size Large: 400 mm x 600 mm / 15.7 in x 23.6 in

    Printed on high quality textured paper. Hand drawn design. Frame not included. 

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