This print is part of the limited edition series '27'. A max of 100 prints will be created of this work. 

To experience the full energy of the print and to experience how the print is meant I highly recommend getting the Large size. The Small and Medium will remain available in order to make the print affordable to those who have less to spend during this pandemic.


"I was not prepared for the wave of nostalgia this age would bring.I thought it was reserved for those who are 87 reflecting on the good old days. But I find myself missing how reading a new book was the most exciting part of my day, sneaking a flashlight in my room to read under the covers. I’m embarrassed I no longer have the attention span to do so. I miss the 15 years of my life I spent without a phone. Of a future full of endless possibilities, how every new song was something magical. How all my grandparents were still alive and how they were the glue holding the family together. I miss weekends away with them and long dinners. I miss how my dad would create a home cinema and cut our fake tickets while microwaving popcorn. I miss fighting with my brother who gets to put the Christmas star on top of the Christmas tree every year. I miss living with him. I miss my mom when I’m sick and home alone. I miss not having political differences with them. I miss how time would go slow, how summers seemed endless and how a year took forever. Now I blink and it is gone. I miss my old friends and how we thought we would be friends forever. I miss the ones who died. I can’t believe how many died.I wonder which forces decided I get to live, when they never even got to see this age."

‘Belonging’ Print - Limited Edition ‘27’

€ 59,00Price
  • Size Small: 144 mm x 216 mm /  5.7 in x 8.5 in

    Size Medium: 200 mm x 300 mm / 8 in x 12 in

    Size Large: Size Large: 400 mm x 600 mm / 16 in x 24 in

    Printed on high quality textured paper. Hand drawn design. Frame not included.