‘Godin’ Tarot Deck

‘Godin’ Tarot Deck

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This is a pre-order! All orders will be shipped out late October! Due to the pandemic please make sure to order now if you want this deck to reach you in time for Christmas!

It's finally here! The 'Godin' tarot deck! Godin means goddess in my native language and it's a fitting name for this deck inspired by the divine feminine. This deck contains 78 cards in traditional tarot size with beautiful golden gilt edges, giving the whole deck a magical feel to it. All illustrations have been created by me in my signature style and all the words have been handwritten before digitization. 

You will find back a lot of traditional symbolism of the tarot but also some minor changes. For example, to honor this goddess deck all kings have been swapped out for goddesses. 

All cards come in a linen bag personally stamped by me, no plastic packaging whatsoever!


If you wish you can order the affirmation deck and tarot deck together for a discount and  additionally save on shipping costs! All illustrations of the affirmation and tarot deck are completely unique, so no image is the same! 

Add Affirmation Deck

    • Dimensions: 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75"
    • Gold gilt edge with full color print
    • 78 tarot cards + 2 title cards
    • Comes in hand stamped linen bag
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