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Limited Edition Series - 27 (Expired)

I was not prepared for the wave of nostalgia this age would bring.

I thought it was reserved for those who are 87 reflecting on the good old days. But I find myself missing how reading a new book was the most exciting part of my day, sneaking a flashlight in my room to read under the covers. I’m embarrassed I no longer have the attention span to do so.


I miss the 15 years of my life I spent without a phone. Of a future full of endless possibilities, how every new song was something magical. How all my grandparents were still alive and how they were the glue holding the family together. I miss weekends away with them and long dinners. I miss how my dad would create a home cinema and cut our fake tickets while microwaving popcorn. I miss fighting with my brother who gets to put the Christmas star on top of the Christmas tree every year. I miss living with him. I miss my mom when I’m sick and home alone. I miss not having political differences with them.


I miss how time would go slow, how summers seemed endless and how a year took forever. Now I blink and it is gone. I miss my old friends and how we thought we would be friends forever. I miss the ones who died. I can’t believe how many died.

I wonder which forces decided I get to live, when they never even got to see this age.

Limited Edition Series - Losing My Religion (Expired)

I will never know if God was either the first man or woman I ever loved but putting me with his people was putting a child in a room with too many difficult questions where there was no space for answers. So I left Him. I have felt the warmth of family. Of homemade dinners, unconditional love over unavoidable misunderstandings. I know the love of a brother, mother, father. Of people so different placed in the same home and get along against all odds. But still, God was the first lover I ever left. What would a world look without art? What would my home be without religion? What is happiness if not to be free?


‘Losing My Religion’ is a three piece window of a much more complex journey of leaving behind my religion and stepping into the unknown. Of how many are saved by finding God and how I was saved by leaving Him. Only to find out that He was a captive too. There He was at the end of the road, smiling, and ready to run away with me. 

Limited Edition Series - '17' (Expired)

I was 17. Chasing dreams and origami kisses. A decade later I can see how the smiling line has taken its permanent place on the left corner of my mouth. I was 17 when I noticed it for the first time. I saw it in the mirror in the bathroom of my first boyfriend. I didn’t stay. I never stayed. I dream of the friends I no longer talk to. My heart misses them and sends them to me in my sleep. How loved I have felt. There goes the one with her head in the clouds, they would say. How fast have ten years gone by. How eternal did every spring feel. How endless every summer. May this be an ode to that 17 year old girl with her fearless heart. The one who swam naked in the river. Who stubbornly chose love over religion. Who turned every human into poetry. Who got me where I am today. May she always be 17.

Limited Edition Series - How To Be A Woman (Expired)

Unique times give birth to unique projects. What happens when you lock up an artist in her home with nothing else to do but paint? The quiet of quarantine has allowed me to find out.  

‘To Be A Woman’ is a series born out of 30 days non-stop creation and quiet reflection on my own feminine energy as an artist and as a woman in these turbulent times. Each of the art works attempts to bring across a certain quiet and tranquility, while some of the linings and bright red colors reflect the turbulence, duality but also the strength felt within. 

The works are created from both hand-painted and digital watercolor techniques. The digitized prints of these art works are now available as a limited edition. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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