An Interview with Blood & Milk

From anonymous Instagram account to published writer.

An Interview with UNUM Magazine

In February 2018, Danica published her poetry debut “Morningstar Musings” that has been praised for its raw and relatable lines as she writes about various topics many young people encounter in life.

An Interview with WEARSTATUSQUO 101

You might have read a couple of Danica Gim's poetry. If you’re following most of Instagram’s poetry community, you might be following her right now. Her poetry is so good. She’s one of the best poets out there.

UNTWINE Top 50 Instagram Poets

Danica covers themes of modern love and its relatable challenges, the problems women have to deal with for being strong in a patriarchal world. She writes to inspire women and we believe she’s a magnificent talent that will continue to achieve more success.

An Interview with Fuzia

Recently, we interviewed a very young, talented writer- Danica Gim. It was a great experience.

Poetry Publication in Harness Magazine

Danica’s poem ‘I exist by the grace of women’ has been published in the third issue of Harness Magazine.

An Interview with THE TRIBE

I think so much is expected of women, we are always supposed to keep it together, […]  society will give us a slap on the wrist to not draw any attention to ourselves. When receiving compliments we are expected to respond modest and surprised. No way! Let’s scream from the top of our lungs that we are proud of our achievements! 

Interview with Et Cetera Collective

Creator Spotlight: A Conversation with Danica Gim

Last week, the Et Cetera Collective had the pleasure of interviewing Danica Gim—an artist and poet commended for her empowering work. Read it below!

Renude Podcast Interview

The exploration of women’s bodies with images of encouragement.

Reflecting on our challenges. Understanding how to harmonize. Transcending to protect our peace with Danica

The Daily Mail: Britney Spears says her 'heart breaks' for her friends in the black community

The Make Me hitmaker, 38, posted a pretty visual by artist Danica Gim which featured the figures of both a black and white dancer posing with planet earth between them.

Hollywood Life: Britney Spears Will ‘Listen, Learn & DoBetter’

Britney, 38, posted a lengthy message attached to gorgeous, powerful image from artist Danica Gim.


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